I started to log in my facebook account as early as 8 o’clock in the morning after I watched Jason Statham’s movie “Safe”. A minute later, a chat message popped up from Michael, my former elementary student whom I taught way back in 2002. He asked me if I still write since he knew me well that I was one of his school paper advisers during his 6th grade in a private school. He was so thankful because he had his premiere experience for the school’s press conference. I confessed with a big YES. He studied and graduated in the University of the Philippines. When I asked him about his writings, he just simply said “SECRET”. I don’t know how to say he suggested me about WordPress.But I’m so grateful because he motivated me to write again. Why not? I have the tools but not much time. And I thought, I’ll give it a try. If others can do, I’m sure I can. Yes! I wish more effort and much time to be more focused and more attentive. Writing is fun! I know it.