Be confident! It is ourselves who will manage how to measure the level of confidence we have. Our very own self would indicate how confidence guides us to face all the circumstances we encounter every day. It can be noted that confidence is a firm belief in one’s powers, abilities, or capacities. It is a feeling of emotional security resulting from faith in one. Eleanor Roosevelt once said “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face”. No fear could hurdle our ways to face all the challenges we have in our life. No fear could weaken our minds to solve the problems we carry in our day to day journey. It is because of the confidence within. We are capable of doing something because of it. We do things with ease and comfort because we are optimistic and pleased with ourselves. How does confidence help us to succeed? It is logically coming from within. There are many factors to realize on how to achieve success. We all know for a fact that confidence influences success. Some of these factors are out of control and some are crucial. Because confidence doesn’t mean that you are better than other people.

According to Mohammed Al-falleh in his essay about confidence, he pointed out that if you think that you are better than others, you must come to the conclusion that you should be more successful than others, that you should be the most successful. There seems to be a problem because confidence is not the way of success and it doesn’t mean success. It cannot be equaled to success. These days, a lot of success is due to outstanding ability and Intelligent Quotient is a part of our ability. Confidence is a depicted feeling to achieve the thing we called success. When we lack confidence, we become hopeless. Because we don’t have the burning desire to do our part. We believe for a fact that confidence concerns with our attitudes towards life. With a secured emotional feeling, it leads us to distinguish our strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, it also helps us to discover the purpose of self-confidence. It draws a line to maximize our potentials and abilities. When fears, timidity and hesitation overpower us, we experience cold feet. The drive stops and motivation vanishes. Our determination is prevented from doing so. And in some cases, it becomes a character of being afraid.

Confidence and its related synonym are practically used by job seekers. It hints an assurance in a person’s skills, abilities and the like. Because it is worth having, we must mold it and use it to the fullest. Consequently, it is an asset according to Eric Liu. He asserted that true confidence is an asset stemming from the possession of real skill, ability, or power for a given task, and must be assessed via accurate and objective means to be of any value. Confidence that has no basis or experience to support it, is more liability than benefit, and should be avoided. It is a precious but rare quality, that enables the possessor, and by extension, those who are under that individual’s influence, to be calm collected, and sound in times of great distress, simply because they truly know of what they are capable.

People always tell us to be confident. They remind us that we can do it. In this way, it boosts our confidence to make the best of something we have. Because confidence comes from within our being, we should learn how to use it. It’s a weapon, therefore, that we should be always aware of utilizing it anytime, anywhere and anyhow.