Fear is an anxious feeling. It is a kind of feeling that is caused by danger or something perilous. There are various conditions wherein the feeling of apprehension arises. This is an emotion which is hard to control especially in an overwhelming risky situation. People are alarmed because we are reminded to picture of a dangerous scenario. It results to a panic condition. People suffer in an uncontrollable state because of too much fear and anxiety. There are many reasons why people are afraid of something. What and why are people worried about due to a fact that fears aren’t controlled. These conditions are quite threatening and very dangerous to them. In a certain context, fear seems a universal emotion because every one of us, consciously or unconsciously, has fear in a particular situation and the like. We have the ability to recognize danger because we can feel it. We anticipate what are the dangerous things will happen.

All people have the instinct to react to an expected danger. Whatever the sources of that fear are factors that control a person’s life. The famous Martin Luther King, Jr. once quoted “We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear”. In his quote, it clearly tells and informs about the different fears surrounding us that in any moment, are ready to attack. However, we must have to gather some blocks of sufficient bravery and fortitude to fight and combat or even eliminate these fears. But the question is how we are going to do that. Where will you get your energy to accomplish all of these? A person must be totally courageous to stand against these bothering apprehensions. He or she must be seriously aware to fight against these anxieties. The flood of fear won’t stop when a person remains weak and is not capable to respond and give an appropriate counterpart to push them away. How strong your dikes depend on how much strength do you possess. The lesser a person has the higher the possibility that he or she will be drowned by his or her fears. On the other hand, the more a person has the lower the probability that he or she would not be swallowed by his or her anxieties.

It is vivid and clear that we are responsible to handle everything when fear is going to attack us. We are going to help ourselves to overcome any fears that will come across our journey. In his inaugural address, Franklin D. Roosevelt uttered, “Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. If we let fears overshadow us, we will surely lose. But if we remain brave to fight with them and believe ourselves to subdue all the fears, we will be the undefeated champion. They are no match with us. We remain strong and not affected. It will help us boost the confidence that we need to use and face all the fears in life.