It was a drizzling Saturday afternoon when my office mate, Lana, and I headed to Sta. Rosa, Laguna to enter and wander Enchanted Kingdom, one of the theme parks in the Philippines located in the south. There was no particular plan to go there since our Subic summer escapade didn’t happen. It was my second visit, the first was way back 2007, our educational tour of a private school whom I was teaching. It was really fun especially with those favorite rides whom I can’t stop going. However, last month’s drop by was really different because I rode only the Grand Carousel. Yes, Virginia! It was my first time experience with the big carousel . It was just a so-so ride since I knew for a fact that this ride suits for young people. But I can imagine myself riding in a lovely pony with a Beethoven’s piece on background. Dusk came and we started to wander EK filled with beautiful lights around. I think we had the chance to enjoy all the areas of our walkabout. Tired? I wasn’t really. I felt relaxed instead. It’s really nice to enjoy an out-of-town moment. We bought some sandwiches and EK souvenirs before we went home. The magic really stayed with me after we left the EK borderline.