EPICSERYE (epic series)

I was able to watch all of the episodes of this Philippine historical fiction and period drama series in GMA network, one of the biggest TV stations in the country. This show is set on the time period prior to the Spanish occupation of the Philippines. It is set in the Visayas region in the mid-1500s. Amaya is said to be the most expensive Philippine drama for 2011. Overall cost stated was Php 150 million. Highly-anticipated because of its grand production and for its attempt to explore a genre that was rarely encountered in Philippine television, it opened to rave reviews and was hailed by some critics as a milestone in terms of storytelling in the local television drama landscape. Amaya is promoted by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and Department of Education due to its cultural concept that shows and depicts the Filipino beliefs,tradition,and mores in the Pre-Hispanic era .It also teaches the history of the Philippines. In means of Epics and Legends that passed through generations.The show’s creators relied heavily on classic Philippine history reference materials such as the Boxer Codex, an early pictographic account of Filipino culture and physical appearances around the time the Spaniards began colonizing the islands. Historical references include the names of the characters in the series, such as Alunsina, from the epics Hinilawod and the Labaw Donggon. Amaya was recognized by the Meycauayan Jewelry Industry Association, Inc., an organization composed of 135 jewellers in Meycauayan, Bulacan, for the promotion of the country’s rich jewelry-making heritage.

Set in the early 16th century prior to the Spanish occupation when the Philippines was still divided into several city-states and minor kingdoms, the primetime television series chronicles the life of Amaya, a daughter of a Datu and a slave, prophecized to be the one who would defeat the fierce Rajah Mangubat. Born as a princess, she was demoted to slave status as Rajah Mangubat slayed her father. Guided by her kambal-ahas, she embarks on a journey to avenge her father’s death and eventually to defeat the person that has been the root cause of her misery and the downfall of her beloved land. With these, she must climb the social ladder, from being a slave, to being an alabay, to become a tribe leader, then a warrior, and eventually fulfill her destiny to become the most powerful woman of her time. {wikipedia)