In a world where change is the only permanent thing, I do belong. 😀 I have been using different brands of mobile phones since 2001. The first one was  a Motorola brand. Then, followed by Nokia and Samsung. Those phones were like the common ones, uhm I mean, the usual gadget of communication. They were unlikely today. For more than a decade, I dreamed to have a smartphone. Even just a single one. It remained a shattered dream for so many years but it was of last year that dream came true. I finally got one from Smart Network. However, I struggled difficulties of getting one since the people from one of the Smart Wireless Centers of SN were so inconsistent of asking pertinent papers for the postpaid application. Honestly, I argued one of them. She deserved it. To make the long story short, I finally got one. The Netphone 701. Here it is…


Wow :).. That was it. I was so glad. Of course, I was very curious to exploring the manual and put in use. So, user-friendly, so nice. I told myself that I would take care well this gadget. 😀

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The Netphone 701 smartphone features multi-touch, multi-tasking, and multi-media at an affordable price. Android Froyo OS let’s you enjoy voice & video calls, messaging, gaming and web surfing through Smart’s Network or at any WiFi hotspot. It is powered by Android.

Hit the Android Market and go nuts download apps. Whether you want games, multi-media players, maps, ebook readers, or ways to be more productive at work; you’ve got over 300,000 of them right in your hand.

Netphone does what others can’t:

  • Displays your prepaid balance
  • Let’s you buy service packs with one click
  • Updates you on the latest Smart promos
  • Keeps you online, all day for free

Netphone Messenger lets you chat with contacts on Netphone, Facebook and Yahoo over 3g or Wifi. When you need to send more than words, send a smile with an animated FX message.

The Netphone’s Global Directory is a cloud phonebook that gives you unlimited contact entries, and let’s you add contacts as fast as you add friends online. (Credit :