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It was a great match to see these two powerful teams last night. We know for a fact that Japanese players are very quick inside the court. Likewise, the Italians are so smart in terms of attacks and blocks.

The game last night was nice. Each set has very close points. But the Italians were so strong to beat the Japanese in four sets (3-1), 25-22,25-21,20-25,25-22. Simeona Gioli, who happened to be one of my favorite running spikers, did a great job to claim the second win in Pool A.

However, the Japanese didn’t lose hope to steal a set. Saori Kimura combined her down the line hits and cross court attacks to end Set 3 in 25-20. Set 4 was almost for Japan but Italy went all the way and closed the match to 22-25.

Japan will face Dominican Republic while Italy will clash against the host country, Great Britain.

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The host country,Great Britain outsmarted the African powerhouse, Algeria in 5 sets (3-2), 22-25,25-19,23-25,25-19,15-8 yesterday at Earls Court.

Both teams performed powerful attacks and massive blocks from Set 1 to 4. It was in the deciding set that the British team left Algeria in 15-8 score. Savanah Leaf showed her cross court British hits. While Zohra Benzalem and Mouni Abderrahim made their Algerian attacks to cling 2 sets win in the 4th set.

Great Britain ranked 4th now in Pool A. Its next game against Italy would be an important one to maintain its post to get into the quarterfinals. Algeria will clash Russia on the other hand.

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Two of the best teams in the world clashed yesterday at Earls Court. Brazil, the 2008 Olympic champ and USA, the world’s #1 as of January 2012 (according to FIVB). The Americans outdueled the Brazilians in four sets (3-1), 25-18,25-17,22-25,25-21.

Brazil is always a strong team to beat. Sheilla Castro and Paula Pequeno are the key players from the Brazilian side. They did their best but weren’t enough to beat the Americans.

Logan Tom and Destinee Hooker  are the main players of USA.  These two ladies are so powerful. Logan always finds a way to hit cross court while Destinee is really awesome in her down the line hit.

A great combination play between Foluke Akinradewo and Destinee Hooker was seen during the match. Foluke is unstoppable at the middle.  While Christa Harmotto is superb in her blocks.

Nicole Davis (USA libero) did a superb dig last night. Fabi did well too but suffered some facials from Jordan Larson.

Speaking of Jordan Larson, the silent scoring machine of the American team. She showed great form in her drop balls last night to outwit the middle blockers of team Brazil. Thaiza Meneses wasn’t in a proper timing to get through Larson’s drop!

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I have found this site that has archive videos of some volleyball matches. This will help us watch the missed volleyball games in the 2012 London Olympics.


Please click this link.

You can choose any match. Just scroll down and opt to watch your favorite team. Enjoy and have fun.


This is 2012 Summer Olympics. This is volleyball ^-_^


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I was expecting that this match would be a tough one. World No. 3 Poland came back from a one-set deficit to defeat Italy (3-1), 21-25, 25-20, 25-23, 25-14 on Sunday at Earls Court Gym.

It was a strong performance by the Polish team which is considered as one of the favorites to take home one of the three medals in London. Bartosz Kurek scored a match-high 18 points as one of three Polish players with double figures in the match.


Zbigniew Bartman and Michal Winiarski contributed 15 and 13 points respectively. Italy’s Cristian Savani finished with 15 points while Michal Lasko and Ivan Zaytsev closed the match with 14 and 13 tallies.




Wow! 🙂 The 2008 Olympic champs of USA beat Serbia in 3 straight sets, (3-0), 25-17, 25-22, 25-21 in their opening match of Pool B at Earls Court on Sunday afternoon.

With this result the US Americans could improve their record with Serbia as entering into this game they had claimed only 3 out of 13 international matches against the 2011 European champions.

US American rising star Matthew Anderson paced his side with 18 points while middle blocker Marko Podrascanin topped the charts for Serbia with 13. The USA outblocked Serbia 16 to 11 and their all-round performance was extremely consistent and solid.











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It was Australia who took the final spot in the Olympic Qualification a month ago. It triggered me to be interested to watch out for this powerhouse from the Asia Pacific.

However, the Aussies were outsmarted by the strong Argentinians in 3 straight sets (3-0), 25-21,25-22,25-20 in their opening match for preliminary round Pool A at Earls Court on Sunday.

Sebastian Sole, Facundo Conte and Pablo Crer finished with 13, 12 and 11 points respectively to spearhead the winning offense while Australia’s Thomas Edgar had a match-high 16 points and Igor Yudin added 13 to the count of the guys from “Down Under”.

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