It was a very much awaited match for both teams claiming the gold medal for the FIVB World League 2012.

Poland, who bagged the gold, received its first title and showed great teamwork to nail the Americans in 3 sets (25-17,26-24,25-20).

It’s time to recognize notable players who led the tally to be chosen as the best among the rest. These awards are the unwavering appreciation for the job well done of these volleyball players.

The following players who bested among the rest are :

BEST SCORER and BEST RECEIVER- Todor Aleksiev (BULGARIA) – He wears the No. 15 shirt in the Bulgarian national team.Β 

BEST SPIKER – Zbigniew Bartman (POLAND) – He wears jersey No.9.

BEST BLOCKER – Marcin Mozdzonek (POLAND) – He wears jersey No. 18.

BEST SERVER – Clayton Stanley (USA) – He wears jersey No. 13.

BEST DIGGER and BEST RECEIVER – Krzysztof Ignaczak (POLAND) – He wears jersey No. 16.

BEST SETTER – Georgi Bratoev (BULGARIA) – He wears jersey No. 1.

and of course …. MVP – Bartosz Kurek (POLAND) – He wears jersey No. 6.

CONGRATULATIONS! See you next year for the FIVB WORLD LEAGUE 2013.

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