It was a great match to see these two powerful teams last night. We know for a fact that Japanese players are very quick inside the court. Likewise, the Italians are so smart in terms of attacks and blocks.

The game last night was nice. Each set has very close points. But the Italians were so strong to beat the Japanese in four sets (3-1), 25-22,25-21,20-25,25-22. Simeona Gioli, who happened to be one of my favorite running spikers, did a great job to claim the second win in Pool A.

However, the Japanese didn’t lose hope to steal a set. Saori Kimura combined her down the line hits and cross court attacks to end Set 3 in 25-20. Set 4 was almost for Japan but Italy went all the way and closed the match to 22-25.

Japan will face Dominican Republic while Italy will clash against the host country, Great Britain.

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