Two of the best teams in the world clashed yesterday at Earls Court. Brazil, the 2008 Olympic champ and USA, the world’s #1 as of January 2012 (according to FIVB). The Americans outdueled the Brazilians in four sets (3-1), 25-18,25-17,22-25,25-21.

Brazil is always a strong team to beat. Sheilla Castro and Paula Pequeno are the key players from the Brazilian side. They did their best but weren’t enough to beat the Americans.

Logan Tom and Destinee Hooker  are the main players of USA.  These two ladies are so powerful. Logan always finds a way to hit cross court while Destinee is really awesome in her down the line hit.

A great combination play between Foluke Akinradewo and Destinee Hooker was seen during the match. Foluke is unstoppable at the middle.  While Christa Harmotto is superb in her blocks.

Nicole Davis (USA libero) did a superb dig last night. Fabi did well too but suffered some facials from Jordan Larson.

Speaking of Jordan Larson, the silent scoring machine of the American team. She showed great form in her drop balls last night to outwit the middle blockers of team Brazil. Thaiza Meneses wasn’t in a proper timing to get through Larson’s drop!

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