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“We live to eat not eat to live”. Yes, Virginia! Eating is a must for me. Gluttony? I beg to disagree. These days I really have moments of satisfying indulgence of food. take note FOOD!


Kenny Roasters Rogers- Robinson’s Galleria has this delicious offer throughout the day. I really like this especially the tropical fresh fruit salad. nom,nom,nom  🙂


For another variety of fried chicken. Just say MAX’S. It’s really a mouthwatering moment when you take a bite this palatable chicken and amazingly tasty milkfish sinigang. Burp! I’m sure you gonna have this again and again. Likewise, the ube cake, the ensaymada, the caramel bar plus the macaroni salad are great appetizing dessert after your meal.



I was really hungry last week and dropped by Greenwich in Rob Galle. I immediately placed an order without thinking it twice. I’m getting in love with its delectable fried chicken and spaghetti.


KFC is a common place to eat and dine. I think this is one of a few photos I have. It was a bucketful fried chicken .Believe it or not, we should place an order again and again. Mr. Sanders would be happily smiling if he’s still alive. Yummy!


When it comes to cakes and pastries, Red Ribbon Bakeshop has them. Moreover, it serves luscious meals for everyone. I tried Bangus two weeks ago. It comes with a cup of garlic rice plus a big slice of blackforest cake. Another extra rice was asked. Yum,yum,yum!



I found it so funny ^^

Serendipitous Wordsmith

Bago ang lahat, gusto ko lang sabihin sa inyong lahat na itong talumpati ko ay tinatawag ko na DARK SPEECH. Hindi dahil may layunin itong masama, gusto ko lang imulat ang mga mata ninyong lahat sa mga nangyayari at nangyari na sa ating eskwelahan. Maaring makasakit ito ng damdamin ng iba. Pero huwag kayong mag-alala kung hindi kayo papayag na ituloy ang Dark Speech ko magpapaka mainstream nalang ako at magsasalita ng mga pasasalamat at inspiring na mensahe para sa inyong lahat.

Ngayon tatanungin ko kayo, gusto niyo bang ituloy ko o hindi? Gusto ko din tanungin ang mga panauhin natin ngayon at ang punong-guro, okay lang po ba sainyo kung itutuloy ko?

Sinabi niyo yan ah, pumayag kayong lahat. Walang sisihan, sana ay patapusin niyo ako. Sana wala ng mas kikitid pa ang utak sa akin. Sisimulan ko na.

Sa aming mga kurakot na panauhin, na hindi ko naman…

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I have been following the Shakey’s V-League way back 2005 but it’s my first time to post an entry for this blog. It is always exciting to see these local volleybelles and a few guest players from Thailand and USA.


This year’s Shakey’s v-League Open Conference reveals different veteran players from varied universities in the Philippines. 


However, a team that catches me most is the Sandugo Sandals a.k.a. the San Sebastian College -Recoletos (SSC-R). This Manila based squad has two Thai guest players. Former MVP Jaroensri Baulee and Kaensing Utaiwan (former member of Thailand’s Women National Volleyball Team).




Baulee is a great attacker of the team. She is also a top scoring machine. You’ll love to see her playing inside the court.


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When the Brazilian women squad celebrated their Olympic gold medal against the Americans, the Brazilian men club were having a hard time to stop the Russians to claim the 2012 London Olympic title at Earls Court.

Yes, Virginia. Brazil lost to Russia in an epic five setter, (3-2), 19-25, 20-25, 29-27, 25-22, 15-9 in the final match.

Great match. So, great,great I could ever say. After losing the two sets against the 2008 Olympic silver medalist, Brazil, the Russians returned a fabulous come back contra the Brazilians in the next three sets.

Yes, the Russians were given a chance to steal a win in the 3rd set. The set ended 29-27. It was also in the 4th set when the Russians minimized their errors and went ahead against the Brazilians in 25-22.

It was in the fifth set when the Russians proven that they were really deserving to claim the gold medal. With all those powerful  Russian kills and spikes, the Brazilians finally bowed them.

It was really an exciting match to see. Russia finally got its first title in the Olympics to win the gold medal.

CONGRATULATIONS !!! 🙂 Till the next Olympics.

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The repeat after the 2008 Beijing Olympics was viewed by thousands of volleyball fans at Earl Court in London.

I am referring to the gold medal match between BRAZIL and USA in 2012 London Olympics. It was a winning moment from the Brazilians when they beat the Americans in 4 sets (3-1), 11-25, 25-17, 25-20, 25-17. It was a good start for the Americans in Set one but the Brazilians made their run in the second set until the fourth set.

Great job for these two powerful teams in women’s volleyball. They really made London proud when they clashed inside the volleyball court two days ago. Cheers and applause from the audience were heard every time  they hit the Mikasa ball.

Last 2008 Beijing Olympics, Brazil defeated USA in 4 sets (3-1) 25-15, 18-25, 25-13, 25-21

Sheilla Castro  who wears jersey #13 showed her exceptional spiking skills in the outside.  Service aces were evident from her amazing serves.

From each libero to setter then hitters and blockers, the whole Earls Court was really filled with a very exciting game.

Congratulations to both teams. You really showed us what volleyball is. Till the next Olympics. 🙂

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Logan Tom didn’t hide her own version. As a power-hitter from the outside, the crowd gave her a big applause.

It was so nice to see these powerhouses play. Each one of them outsmarting one another.

Two of the best Asian teams clashed for the bronze medal match at Earls Court before the 2012 London Olympics was over.

Yes, guys… JAPAN and SOUTH KOREA were really competitive to bag the bronze medal from London.

These two teams are really quick inside the court. I was expecting that it was really a tight match. Either one of them would reach 25 points first.

In other words, Saori Kimura  from Japan  and Kim Yeon-Koung from South Korea used their powerful kills against the middle blockers of each team.

However, the Koreans didn’t have enough juice to outwit the Japanese. Japan showed nicer digs than Korea. Thank you for Yuko Sano. You rock girl!

Kim Yeon-Koung was in a perfect shape to spike that volleyball but massive blocks above the net were the powerful weapons the Japanese could ever used.

Congratulations for team Japan! 🙂 The Japanese outsmarted the Koreans in 3 straight sets (3-0), 25-22,26-24,25-21.

Till the next Olympics! CONGRATULATIONS ^^

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Two of the strongest teams in the world clashed yesterday at Earls Court. The match between BRAZIL and RUSSIA was so exciting. Of course because there is Ekaterina Gamova. The MVP in the World Champ is always an exciting to see playing inside the court. There is Sheilla Castro, the 2008 Beijing MVP from Brazil.

I was expecting this match to be a tough one. Yes,Virginia it was really,really tough. Because the match extended into 5 sets.

Too bad for the Russians because they let the Brazilians made their run until the deciding set. OmyG!  The ball is round. Yes it is really,really round!

The Russians won two sets and took the advantage but the Brazilians didn’t stop to tie in the 4th set.

Finally, the match ended 3-2, (24-26,25-22,19-25,25-22,21-19) in favor of Brazil. It was so disappointing for the Russians since they led the rank in the elimination round under Pool A. Brazil who took the 4th spot in the elimination round under Pool B really survived and outdueled the Russians. Seriously, the Russians put the Brazilians in 4 match points but the back row attacks from the Brazilians sealed the exciting match before thousands of volleyball fans.

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