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It was an exciting match between two teams of different players, Lokomotiv Baku (AZERBAIJAN) versus Bank BPS Muszykna (POLAND).


It was an exciting first set when both teams exchanged powerful attacks and blocks above the net.  The Bakus reached 25 first despite the massive blocks from the Polish middle blockers. The set ended 25-20.

The Polish team didn’t like the first set so it came back with smart attacks and powerful blocks and nailed the Bakus in 25-11. That was a 14-point lead. The coach knew that they would lose the 2nd set so he tried to talk to his setter to vary the sets in the 3rd set.

Yes, being an obedient setter, she performed well in the 3rd set and the Bakus claimed the 25-17 finish.

The Polska team was alarmed and they tried to come back with a good start in the 4th set. But the Bakus didn’t allow the Polish team to happen. They went for a quick and back row hits plus unforced errors from the Polish team so it finally ended into 25-15.

So, the Bakus outsmarted the Polish team in four sets, 25-20,11-25,25-17,25-15.


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It was a night of soaring black butterflies amidst of brilliant light. Our team decided to portray a theme of – black butterflies.I was not about to join this year’s Halloween activity because I’m quite tired of doing my workbook for ESL students. But my friend made a costume for me. How kind he is! How artistic he is!

Last year’s costume was a bat drama. I was so happy because it was like a premiere exposure of something dark against the bright lights. It was so nice …

This year’s drama was a bit different. Yes! A skit presentation will be done per team. And mind you, it would run like for five (5) minutes. 😦 So short! As far as I know, the ideal skit runs from 10-15 minutes. Am I right? Costumes are made of recyclable materials. They would stand like inexpensive yet they show creativity and beauty .

Two days before the presentation, I was able to finalize the script and music. Wow! Thumbs up for me (Y)

I made up of a story where in a Blackfairy Land, the King Black Butterfly witnessed his apprentices playing around and not doing their assigned task to be rewarded with their black precious wings to fly up in the sky. As a punishment, he sent them to a very important mission and will be carried away before the full moon. At first, these apprentices encountered difficulties but were able to manage smoothly after a couple of days. The King BB saw the determination and hard work. By the power vested in him, he heartily rewarded his apprentices and they lived happily ever after.

Of course, I played the role of the King Black Butterfly. See the photo below … (HAHAHAHAHA)


Whew! ‘Twas like a fantasy and far beyond from the reality.  Right? Very, very short. Imagine a five-minute skit?

And the winner is … PM 4, PM 1 and PM 6 …

I belong to the PM 6. Is it true, that thing made it to the top tough three? Seriously?

Yes, and we even got the BEST actress award. WOW! Kudos to me, I was able to write a line for a right actress at the right time. Elssa, you’re so awesome!

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