Happy New Year everyone! Maligayang Pasko to my dear followers and readers!

It has been a busy December for me. Christmas parties here and there, short travels from north to south and bonding moments with friends from different parts of the country. Thanks a lot because I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Eve. There were a lot of food! BURP 😀

Despite of the busy days and weeks, I was able to watch all the volleyball matches of this prestigious European volleyball tournament! Because of this, I was able to familiarize everyone who are really great players in Europe plus their guest players around the globe.

The 24 teams which were drawn into 6 pools showed their needed skills inside the court vying to get into the Playoff 12. Seriously, only ranked 1 and ranked 2 would advance to this playoff.

Now, the question is : WHO WERE THE LUCKY ONES?

Lemme start from POOL A. Vakifbank Istanbul (TURKEY) landed the first place (6W-0L). RC Cannes (FRANCE) followed second with 3-3 standing. Vakifbank defeated them twice but the second match was a 5 setter. Kudos ladies!


RC Cannes

POOL B was really a strong group. Rabita Baku (AZERBAIJAN) dominated here with 6-0 standing. They never lost a match. What a strong comeback here after they lost in the gold medal match last year! Next in line, Atom Trefl Sopot tailed the Bakus. I thought it was a powerhouse Villa Cortese  (ITALY) would steal the show because they have the same standing, 3-3. They only mattered in Sets ration and Points ratio. Good luck ladies!

ATom Trefl Sopot Rabita Baku

It was really evident in POOL C that Galatasaray Daikin Istanbul (TURKEY) would be in the first rank (5-1) and Unendo Yamamay Busto Arsizio (ITALY) would be second with 4-2 standing.

Galatasaray Daikin

Unendo Busto Arsizio

POOL Es winners are Dynamo Kazan (RUSSIA)  (4-2) and Schweriner SC (GERMANY) (4-2). These teams are really powerhouses! See you in the Playoff 12.

Dinamo Kazan

Schweriner Sc

The last but not the least, POOL F winners. The third team from Azerbaijan which was very lucky to qualify in the Playoff, Lokomotiv Baku (5-1), as well as Dynamo Moscow (RUSSIA) (5-1).

Lokomotiv Baku

Dinamo Moscow

CONGRATULATIONS! Good luck in the Playoff 12 stage!  May the best team win! 😀 I am so excited ^^

Photo Credit : http://www.cev.lu