The hopes and dreams for the Azerrail Baku to be in the Final 4 for the 2nd time were blocked by Unendo Yamamay yesterday. The squad lost the golden set, 11-15.

ab v uy

It was a 4 point lead from the Italian squad after a long hit by the Azerbaijan team.

AZ v UY01

AZ v UY02

During the first leg of the Playoff 6, Unendo won in a 5-setter game, 3-2, 25-17,15-25,20-25,25-23,15-8. In the second leg, Azerrail trounced the Italian squad in 3 straight sets, 3-0, 25-23, 25-18, 25-21.

azerail v yamamay1

Despite the effort of Manon Flier (NETHERLANDS) and Megan Hodge (USA), their journey to Turkey ends here.

AZ v UY03

It was a good match for both teams. This really shows the high quality volleyball in Europe.

AZ v UY04

AZ v UY05

To watch the full match of their games, please click here and there . Enjoy watching volleyball!