Freedom is for everybody, right? At this point of time, allow me to use that freedom to choose my favorite Cuban volleyball athlete.

She has a height of 189 centimeters (1.89 m) (6 ‘ 2 1/2″). She is a Cuban volleyball player who played in the 2008 Summer Olympics, finishing fourth together with her team. Folks, she is KENIA CARCASES.

Kania Carcases


I really love seeing this girl inside the court. With all her might, power and ability, she could execute that full swing and spike the MIKASA ball against the tall middle blockers.  I could remember in this video below during the World Championship last 2010.

How many times did the Italian players fall down after that misreception? How many times Did Carcases fly from both wings and the back row? With those fabulous jump serves, how many times did the Cubans put the Italians into a match point?

Isn’t this exciting? I just simply love ❤ volleyball ^_^