It was a fine sunny Wednesday when we headed to Robinson’s Galleria to enjoy the most of our 2-hour break after the inbound classes.

As we were heading down the elevator, my friend, Louise Jane, and I agreed not to eat heavy meal because we were still full after a fabulous lunch of Mommy Cindy’s delicious rice meal.

Ending up across Max’s Restaurant in the 4th Level, the one which will catch your attention is the colorful facade of Icebergs.

Yes, Virginia! Icebergs is also found in Robinson’s Galleria. Alright, alright! It was actually my third time to drop by this clean and cozy place just to buy their delectable Halo-halo (mixed fruits with scoops of ice cream of different flavors).

Louise chose the yummy leche flan and I still pointed the superb Halo-halo special. Guys, they’re so affordable.


ImageBehold these refreshing Halo-halo and leche flan.

They fulfilled our mission of emptying our stomach with rice and dish for dinner.