The Olympic champ, Brazil, outsmarted the young Russian team in 3 straight sets, (3-0), 25-23, 25-23,25-22 during their final match in Montreux Volley Masters 2013 in Switzerland. What a game for the Brazilians!

bra2In their opening set, the Russians started to go ahead with the Brazilians with their good offense and defense. But the Olympic champ made their run and went ahead, 25-23.

It was a series of see-saw scores in the second set with the superb Russian blocks but Fe Garay of Brazil was really unstoppable and led her team to go ahead, 25-23.

Brazil v russia goldsilver1

The third set, chance of Russia to bounce back, however, Brazil started well. But the Russians didn’t stop to tail the Olympic champ. Because of Brazil’s persistence to close the match, they sealed it at 25-22 with a cross-court hit.

However, it can be noticed that the Russians didn’t give in easily against the strong Brazilians.