Japan is Korea’s biggest rival in volleyball. But the Koreans upset the Japanese in 4 sets, (3-1), 25-22, 25-20, 21-25, 25-19 in Hwasung South Korea.

Korea v Japan_wl13

During the first two sets, the Koreans didn’t allow the Japanese to make their run and they dominated all throughout the game.  But the Japanese adjusted in the third set especially in their attacks and gave Tatsuya Fukuzawa. Moon got a knee injury and was replaced by Jeon Kwang-in. Japan capitalized the absence of Moon  Despite the effort of Park Chul-Woo and Moon Sung-min, Japan went ahead, 25-21.

Jeon stepped up in the fourth set and showcased his unstoppable spikes above the net. Great quick plays from the setter, Han Sun Woo and sealed the match, 25-19.