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With  those big smiles from the Brazilian club, Sada Cruzeiro, are a sign of a winning moment after their gold medal match against the Russian club, Lokomotiv Novosibirsk.


Sada Cruzeiro outscored Lokomotiv Novosibirsk in three straight sets, (3-0), 25-20, 25-20 , 25-20. It was a wonderful victory from the Brazilian squad who remained strong against the tough Russian team.


The middle attack was one of the key elements that Sada Cruzeiro used in the entire match. It was also an impressive performance from Eder Carbonara.


Oreol Camejo of Lokomotiv showcased his powerful attack from the outside making his team to lead at the beginning but Sada tied the score at 6 all and went ahead in the technical time out. It wasn’t really enough for the Russian squad to outwit the Brazilian powerhouse.

(to be continued … )

Photo Credit : FIVB Photo Gallery


It was a  very good news for the European powerhouse, ITALY, being the wild card for the 2013 FIVB World Grand Champions Cup in Japan next month, November 19-24 , a week after the women’s league.


The FIVB has chosen the World #3, Italy,because it finished 2nd in their continental championship, being the next highest ranked country. It can be remembered that Italy lost to Russia in their gold medal match in the European Championship.


Photo Credit : FIVB Photo Gallery

With the bubbling spirit and excellent performance inside the volleyball court, Dominican Republic  was selected by the FIVB to compete for the 2013 FIVB Workd Grand Champions Cup in Japan next month, November 12-17. Likewise, the Dominicans finished second in their continental championship behind the USA and they remained to be the 2nd highest squad in rank.

dominican republic

The Dominicans will play against the Olympic champ, Brazil, the NORCECA champ, USA, the Asian champ, Thailand, the European champ, Russia and the Asian powerhouse, Japan being the host of the said competition.

As the wild card, of this tournament, we expect that these ladies have what it takes in World Grand Champions Cup.

Photo Credit : FIVB Photo Gallery

Vakifbank Istanbul finished the tournament still on top. The Turkish volleyball club remained strong and determined against the Brazilian squad, Unilever Volei. The European spikers won in 3 straight sets, (3-0), 25-23, 27-25, 25-16


Both squads played well in the first two sets and really focused to outsmart one another. But the Turkish club was so smart and displayed much of what it has to become a champion.  The Brazilian club, Unilever Volei made its run in the second set with strong attacks above the net but still the European squad found its way to go ahead, 27-25.

Sarah pavan

In the last set, Vakifank proved its worth to be the club champion this year. Unilever didn’t have much enough juice to extend the match  because the European club showed its spirit to end the match easily, 25-16.


Photo Credit : FIVB Photo Gallery

Being defeated in the preliminary round in four sets (3-1), 26-24, 25-21, 29-31, 25-21 , Guandong Evergrande bounced back in their bronze medal match against the strong Volero Zurich in Switzerland. The Asian club powerhouse outsmarted the European squad in 4 sets, too, (3-1), 24-26, 25-23, 25-18, 25-21. 


It was a very tough opening set where Volero took the advantage and sealed the set, 26-24. Natasa Osmokrovic , Kenia Carcases and Olesia Rykhliuk were unstoppable that bothered the Chinese blockers.


With the excellent sets of Jingsi Shen, the Chinese attackers survived from a hard fought second set where Volero was still very competitive above the net. But the Chinese were determined to get the 2nd set, 25-23.

Jingsi Shen Evergrande

Ting Zhu blasted her 24 points of the match from 23 kills and one block. She upset the European blockers with her powerful kills.

Ting Zhu

Cuban wing spiker, Kenia Carcases, blasted her 23 kills of the match but did not enough to outscore the Asian squad.

kenia carcases 2

Photo Credits : FIVB Photo Gallery

The first edition of the 2013 FIVB Women’s U23 Volleyball World Championship drew much interest from the crowd as the best teams under 23 clashed for a 7-day volleyball tournament in Tijuana and Mexicali, Mexico.


It’s almost semifinals and the Americans have survived from the very strong Brazilians in an epic 5-setter match earlier today, (3-2), 25-20, 16-25, 10-25, 25-22, 15-9. That was a very exciting moment . The winner would earn the ticket for the semifinal round.


It was a do or die match between the two squads because only one team is needed to complete the Final 4. The Americans have started well during their opening set and sealed the set, 25-20. With their combined powerful attacks from the open and running hits, the Brazilians lost their momentum to outscore the Americans.


But the Brazilians changed the story in the second set and upset the Americans with a very good finish, 25-16. Massive blocks and middle hits were the key powers of the Brazilians to steal the game one set apiece.  Likewise, they maintained their game in the 3rd set and easily subdued the Americans with superb blocks above the net .


Being down by two sets the Americans were upset. However, they bounced back in the 4th set and forced the Brazilians into an exciting 5th set. No team has led big points until the 2nd technical time out when USA went ahead, 16-14. Brazil was trying to end the match and tied at 18 but the Americans found ways to stop the Brazilians and won the set, 25-22.


It was an exciting 5th set of the game. Both teams tied at 2. But the Brazilians started to fire long hits and massive blocks from the Americans, 8-4. Unforced errors from the Brazilian squad were evident and the Americans used the great chance to go ahead, 10-5. Brazil was making their run but it was too late because USA showed excellent reception and sealed the match, 15-9.

Photo Credit: FIVB Photo Gallery

In the local volleyball league, Shakey’s V-League is one of the tournaments that I follow. Season 10 Open Conference has reached the semifinal round and four teams stayed alive.Cagayan Valley, Smart Maynilad, Philippine Army and the Philippine Air Force  will battle in three (3) matches. Cagayan Valley versus Philippine Air Force, Smart Maynilad versus Philippine Army. Earlier this afternoon, Cagayan Valley won against the Philippine Air Force in 4 sets, (3-1), 17-25, 30-28, 25-19, 25-9.

cagayan v airforce

In the opening set, the Airwomen started with a very impressive performance above the net. They upset the Cagayan spikers with their massive blocks and powerful attacks. They easily finished the first set, 17-25.

During the second set, both teams were aggressive  in their offense and defense. With good long rallies and see saw of scores, elicited the crowd to be frenzy inside the San Juan arena. But the Cagayan spikers, found the momentum and sealed the set, 30-28.

The 3rd set favored the Cagayan ladies with a higher percentage in terms of attacks and receptions. They easily subdued the Airforce, 25-19.

I was hoping that the 4th set would be the chance of the Airwomen to bounce back but they didn’t perform well. They were trounced by the Cagayan ladies  due  to reception errors. The match ended with a cross-court hit by Aiza Maizo, 25-9.


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