Who would really think that kind of exemplary performance inside the volleyball court of the Thai National Women’s Volleyball team in the 2013 Asian Women Volleyball Championship? Asian volleyball has not been that exciting without Thailand in every volleyball tournament.

ImageThe strong Thais have outsmarted the determined Japanese in three straight sets, (3-0), 25-22, 25-18, 25-17.  In their opening set, both squads showcased a see-saw of scores inside the court, trying to outscore one another.  But Thailand showed much better reception than Japan and the match ended at 25-22.

ImageIn the second set, the Japanese were not able to capitalize their A-game and left behind by the Thais in 25-18. Though, they have shown much effort in their attacks but good reception from the Thais’ squad helped them a lot for better hits above the net.

The last set was Japan’s chance to rise from the dead but to no avail. The Japanese powerhouse struggled the same situation to outsmart the Thais. They didn’t have enough juice to force the Thais to extend the match. With a good finish, Thailand ended the set in 25-17.  Good job from both teams and they showed a very high quality Asian volleyball this year. Congratulations!

Photo Credit :  Onuma Sittirak ,