Vakifbank Istanbul finished the tournament still on top. The Turkish volleyball club remained strong and determined against the Brazilian squad, Unilever Volei. The European spikers won in 3 straight sets, (3-0), 25-23, 27-25, 25-16


Both squads played well in the first two sets and really focused to outsmart one another. But the Turkish club was so smart and displayed much of what it has to become a champion.  The Brazilian club, Unilever Volei made its run in the second set with strong attacks above the net but still the European squad found its way to go ahead, 27-25.

Sarah pavan

In the last set, Vakifank proved its worth to be the club champion this year. Unilever didn’t have much enough juice to extend the match  because the European club showed its spirit to end the match easily, 25-16.


Photo Credit : FIVB Photo Gallery