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It was another sweet victory for the Brazilians after they outsmarted the tough Japanese squad in straight sets, (3-0), 25-15, 25-18, 27-25 during their final match of the 2014 FIVB World Grand Prix.


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George Washington once said “True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity, before it is entitled to the appellation”. Perhaps you would examine yourself and find out why is it in a slow growth wherein you truly believe yourself that your relationship to your friend should pace in accordance to the track you’re heading on. But did you ask yourself on how do you choose your friend? How are your friends come along in your comfort zone? It is a fact that there are different kinds of friends that surround us. Friends are the ones who will support you aside from your family. No matter what people say about the friends you have or the friendship you care, it is still the substance of your friendship that guarantees, that leads, that flows to its final and truthful designation. These substances would measure the depths of your relationship to your friend and friends. There are unexpected moments that would come which definitely bring the troubles, the hardships the quarrels and the like. A genuine friendship should be strong and cannot be easily broken. 

            We can precisely tell that animals are such wonderful creatures, as they ask no questions. Humans and animals have been known to have a special bond with each other ever since. As the famous saying reminds ‘A dog is a man’s best friend’. The relation that we share with animals is a very warm and protective one. There are many factors that would matter when we try to see and view the different shades of friendship. There is a shade that would give us comfort or a shade that would darken our path to our endless journey. It is hard to conclude and prove that a friendship is real. The moment you establish a friendship to someone is not an essential proof that this partnership is true. It would take a long time to blend the blows of the wind to prove it. Maybe you have experienced a certain situation wherein you were not in good terms to somebody among your friends. It’s because there are conflicts. It’s because there are misunderstandings. It’s because there are disagreements. And much more, there are arguments and differences of opinions and ideas.  Can you visualize the framework of friendship you are taking of? There are sometimes on and off situations, highs and lows experiences and left and right decisions. An understanding friend is always at peace and calm. He doesn’t react negatively. A doubtful friend is always undecided. He doesn’t say anything that is sure of. A coincidental friend comes unexpectedly. His acquaintance is uncertain. A mutual friend is familiar. He is common among friends. A truthful friend never tells lies. He holds the truth of knowledge and wisdom. A good friend has a good heart. He is kind and noble. A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out according to Walter Winchell. He is brave and courageous. A kind friend is nice and understanding. He is thoughtful. However, a fake friend is an impostor. He pretends and deceives. He speaks insincerely. A snobbish friend is a social climber. He believes and admires people of high rank or social class, and dislikes those in a lower class than himself.


We are aware and really tend to meet new people day in and day out but out of those various people, we tend to be friends with only those who share some similar dreams, ambitions, traits or attitudes. As time grows and passes by with trust, with convictions and faithfulness, some people get really close to each other and remain true friends. Even if they are far from you, they stand up for each other in times of need and provide full support of encouragement and guidance when you lose confidence in yourself. The fact that different people have different temperaments and manners, forms and styles, hence make different types of friends, we spend many nights, we observe many days and we ask many questions in order to blend our style and charm as far as friendship is concerned.

Be confident! It is ourselves who will manage how to measure the level of confidence we have. Our very own self would indicate how confidence guides us to face all the circumstances we encounter every day. It can be noted that confidence is a firm belief in one’s powers, abilities, or capacities. It is a feeling of emotional security resulting from faith in one. Eleanor Roosevelt once said “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face”. No fear could hurdle our ways to face all the challenges we have in our life. No fear could weaken our minds to solve the problems we carry in our day to day journey. It is because of the confidence within. We are capable of doing something because of it. We do things with ease and comfort because we are optimistic and pleased with ourselves. How does confidence help us to succeed? It is logically coming from within. There are many factors to realize on how to achieve success. We all know for a fact that confidence influences success. Some of these factors are out of control and some are crucial. Because confidence doesn’t mean that you are better than other people.

According to Mohammed Al-falleh in his essay about confidence, he pointed out that if you think that you are better than others, you must come to the conclusion that you should be more successful than others, that you should be the most successful. There seems to be a problem because confidence is not the way of success and it doesn’t mean success. It cannot be equaled to success. These days, a lot of success is due to outstanding ability and Intelligent Quotient is a part of our ability. Confidence is a depicted feeling to achieve the thing we called success. When we lack confidence, we become hopeless. Because we don’t have the burning desire to do our part. We believe for a fact that confidence concerns with our attitudes towards life. With a secured emotional feeling, it leads us to distinguish our strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, it also helps us to discover the purpose of self-confidence. It draws a line to maximize our potentials and abilities. When fears, timidity and hesitation overpower us, we experience cold feet. The drive stops and motivation vanishes. Our determination is prevented from doing so. And in some cases, it becomes a character of being afraid.

Confidence and its related synonym are practically used by job seekers. It hints an assurance in a person’s skills, abilities and the like. Because it is worth having, we must mold it and use it to the fullest. Consequently, it is an asset according to Eric Liu. He asserted that true confidence is an asset stemming from the possession of real skill, ability, or power for a given task, and must be assessed via accurate and objective means to be of any value. Confidence that has no basis or experience to support it, is more liability than benefit, and should be avoided. It is a precious but rare quality, that enables the possessor, and by extension, those who are under that individual’s influence, to be calm collected, and sound in times of great distress, simply because they truly know of what they are capable.

People always tell us to be confident. They remind us that we can do it. In this way, it boosts our confidence to make the best of something we have. Because confidence comes from within our being, we should learn how to use it. It’s a weapon, therefore, that we should be always aware of utilizing it anytime, anywhere and anyhow. 

We don’t really believe into something unless we have seen it. We don’t have the guts to explain something without sufficient knowledge about a certain matter. We can’t give a valid proof without truly understanding a particular event. We can’t really tell and inform other people a beautiful experience in a momentous travel unless we have immersed ourselves into that specific breathtaking place. All these don’ts and cant’s cited are related or associated with what we call ? experience. It might be a common question to ask what really the meaning of experience is. Anybody could give his or her own meaning about this word. An experience may mean knowledge. It can be an understanding. It can also mean evidence. It might be an involvement or observation. An experience can be an affair or occurrence. We always have a daily experience in all aspects of our lives. However, it’s hard to elaborate a certain scenario, an exposure or involvement without knowledge and to a greater extent, without real experience. In our daily undertakings, we always give emphasis about the worthy moment we have totally experienced.

The acquired learning and obtained knowledge from books and teachers and professors are not perfect in some respects. They are tedious and uninteresting and not really digested, consequently, not totally absorbed. Unless they are formed, molded and shaped by the spirit of wisdom gained from experience, they are misleading and sometimes dangerous. This is not to underestimate the importance of books and other reading materials. After all, the knowledge contained in books is based on experience. But experience is endless and we must constantly modify verbatim knowledge in the light of practical experience. If we drop by and take enhancing look of these historical places like, The Great Wall of China, The Pyramids at Giza, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Taj Mahal in India, and Parthenon in Greece, what we have studied and learned about these places from the textbooks on history will take on life, color, and vividness. There can be no better way of learning the geography of different countries than actually visiting them and understanding them beforehand. To take examples of a different kind, do we not prefer an experienced doctor or a lawyer to a novice, however, highly qualified he may be? In certain walks of life like politics and education, experience is a must. It is essential. An arm chair politician is inefficient and draws a poor figure for the whole society. Likewise, a half-baked teacher is not effective and tags a dull and passive impression for the whole studentry.

A famous proverb says “Experience is the mother of wisdom”. How does it guide us and how do we understand the whole package?, an online publishing site, wrote that we know the meanings of several phrases and proverbs in a vague, general manner. Then, we personally experience the truth contained in them, we discover their real meaning, and they cease to be stale and commonplace. For example, the phrase ‘fish-market’ figuratively meant an extremely noisy, disorderly place. But it was only when we happened to visit a fish-market for the first time and observed the tremendous bustle and noise that prevailed there that the actual meaning of the phrase flashed across our minds with the clarity and freshness of a discovery. How often do we repeat the familiar proverb ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’? We really understand its truth only when we are deserted by our so – called friends in times of adversity. The lessons learned from experience will not be forgotten. If you tell a lie and consequently find yourself in a tight corner, you are not likely to repeat your mistake in the future. Certain unworthy and bitter experiences – failure and suffering make us realize our errors and shortcomings and thus teach us how to improve ourselves. As simple as it is, the search for truth never stops unless you experience it. The exposure is a significant factor to validate the total involvement. Experience is necessary at the right time in the right place whatever the case may be. 

A habit is something which a person does repeatedly, usually or regularly. A habit is something we do over and over again. Habits can be good or bad. Habits make people who they are. They also challenge a person’s self-will in controlling his or her own behavior. All of us have habits. Some habits may be the same with others and some are not. A person may possess good habits, bad habits or the combination of both. However, a person is responsible on how to handle them in his whole life. He can keep the good habits and change the bad ones. To cease doing the bad habits is not an easy thing. A person’s body system doesn’t have a “delete” button to press anytime he wants to quit or erase the bad habits he has. It requires essential courage and enough strength to put an end. It needs willpower.

It is more significant to propagate and cultivate good habits. A man who has nice habits is often emulated and followed. Everyone shows respect him because of his good habits. He becomes a role model to other people. Because what he is doing is practically important. It gives clarity of his personality. It is the brilliant light of his own character that shines among other people. It’s worthy to mimic good habits because we acquire a desirable value in life. Being punctual in school is an example of a good habit. Teachers are always glad when their students are coming on time. A latecomer may imitate him or her. He would challenge himself to do the same. Good habits help a person to succeed in life. They guarantee a huge success. But he has to work it out. Success does not come naturally. A person needs to exert much effort to achieve it.

On the contrary, some people have bad habits. Bad habits are negative behavior patterns. These affect in their daily lives. Overspending is a common example of a bad habit. It is spending money more than one a person can buy. It is likewise a common problem especially when he or she has credit cards. It’s because of the availability of credit. A person may overspend to impress their associates, for example, by picking up the bill for a meal at a restaurant. He must control his expenses to avoid this problem and be worry-free. There are a lot of bad habits around. If you can’t control them and you indulge, you’ll find yourself glued with them and you can’t easily quit doing so. However, there are multiple techniques on how to remove these bad habits. A person must give priorities to do significant procedures on how to avoid or eliminate them. According to Donald Latumahina, bad habits are among the worst enemies of living life to the fullest. So, the first step to breaking the bad habits is to identify them. Only after identifying them can you decide to do something about them. 

Whether we like it or not, good habits must prevail than bad habits in ourselves. We should keep and vitalize the good ones rather the bad practices. We should not leave an empty space for bad habits to occupy. Let us utilize our willpower to be always aware of practicing good habits. Our self-control will lead us to overshadow the bad habits around. It is our strength to continue enjoying life worth living. It is our driving force and major determination to live life to the fullest.

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