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One of the promising volleyball players in the Philippines today is Alyssa Daphne Santiago aka “Jaja” from the National University (NU) Lady Bulldogs.



Jaja is the sister of the former NU Opposite Spiker, Aleona Denise “Dindin” Santiago who started her collegiate volleyball career in the UAAP from the University of Sto. Tomas (UST).

She is currently playing in the UAAP and a member of Foto Toplanders which won the Philippine Super Liga Grand Prix last December 2015 and will represent the country for the Asian Club Women’s Championship in Thailand in September this year.


What a game! What a superb game!

After 56 years in the volleyball arena, the LADY BULLDOGS of National  University won the gold medal against the strong defending champion LADY EAGLES of Ateneo De Manila University.

myla pablo g3

NU defeated ADMU in four action-packed sets at the Philippine Sports Arena in Pasig, (3-1)

25-23, 25-20, 17-25, 26-24.

It was a do or die match for both teams! Whoever wins this game will face Ateneo Lady Eagles in the Finals next week!

Game 1 was taken by the Adamson Lady Falcons while Game 2 was grabbed by the National U Lady Bulldogs!

Since it was the last and final game for both squads, they really prepared with their offense and defense schemes!

At first, the NU Lady Bulldogs started with a bang in the first set, Dindin Santiago and Mina Aganon enjoyed with their running and open hits respectively.

Mina Aganong3

But the Adamson Lady Falcons have made their run to tie the Bulldogs. Shiela Pineda and Pau Soriano’s cross court and middle hits are enough to tie at 23 then 24 all until the Adamson ended it at 26-24.

pau sorianog2

The Lady Bulldogs were still consistent in the second set with their offense and defense. They easily ended the set, 20-25. Dindin Santiago and Aiko Urdas combined their full attacks above the net.

aiko urdasg2

In the third set, the Lady Falcons were trying to outsmart the Bulldogs but the superb blocks by Dindin and Jaja Santiago (the Santiago sisters) helped them to take the 3rd set easiy, 15-25.

Fourth set, the last set for the Falcons to force a  decider. Angela Benting exerted much effort to stay close with the Bulldogs. And much surprise by Pau Soriano’s middle attacks helped them to tie the set at 21. The Bulldogs were kinda bothered and thought it would go for a 5th set. But Myla Pablo played smartly, combining her cross court and down the line hits ended the match at 22-25.

With this win, (3-1) 24-26, 25-20, 25-15, 25-22, the LADY BULLDOGS advanced into the Finals to play against the defending champ Ateneo Lady Eagles.

Myla Pablo (#11) was chosen “Player of the Game” with 20 points, 5 blocks.

myla pablo g3

When they Lady Bulldogs of National University were defeated during their Game 1 last Tuesday in an epic 5-setter (3-2),22-25, 25-18, 19-25, 25-22,15-13 they are expected to win during Game 2 in their best-of-three series. Therefore, much pressure and double effort must be done to outsmart the strong Lady Falcons of Adamson University.


Yesterday was their 2nd game at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City. Many volleyball fanatics expected that it would be again – an epic 5-setter match. It’s a fact, these two teams evolved strongly after years of training.


The Lady Falcons rely with their veteran guest player, Angela Benting while the Lady Bulldogs are dependent with their guests, Rubie De Leon andDindin Santiago along with her younger sister, Jaja Santiago. Angela is known for her strong cross court hits and down the line attacks. Rubie is known for being a smart setter while Dindin and Jaja, both are quick and middle attackers, plus Dindin can attack from the back row.


Set 1 didn’t have much exciting showcase because both teams are exchanging errors. Service errors and reception errors were so evident. But with Angela’s superb attacks and Soriano’s strong middle hits, the Lady Falcons managed to go ahead the Lady Bulldogs, 25-20.


Of course, the Bulldogs tried to come back in the second set. Jaja Santiago delivered her 3 service aces plus Mina Aganon brought some superb attacks from her open hits. With Dindin’s service aces as well, the NU squad went ahead, 21-25.


Set 3 was really exciting. Both teams started with see-saw of scores because of their good offense and defense inside the court. Pau Soriano was so consistent with her middle attacks from the ADU squad while Aganon and Myla Pablo showcased their solid open hits. The wind has changed when the Lady Bulldogs went ahead by 7 points but the Lady Falcons made their run to tie the scores. Set point from NU 24-22 but after the long rally and errors made by Rubie, both teams tied at 24-24. Pau Soriano ended the match with a service ace, 26-24.


One last set for a chance of the Lady Bulldogs to force a decider, they started with a bang in the fourth set. Ahead of 3 points (8-5) during the first technical time out (TTO). The Santiago sisters continued to play well above the net with their massive blocks. Angela Benting showcased her own version of an ace. They tied at 10-10 when Pau Soriano was blocked. But the triple attackers, Mina Aganon, Aiko Urdas and Dindin Santiago combined their full powers and went ahead, 21-25.


Set 5 came and the Lady Bulldogs strengthened their massive blocks. Aiko Urdas was enjoying her cross court attacks. Shiela Pineda from the Adamson side was blocked. National U went ahead, 8-2 to change court in this set. Mylene Paat attacked which brough 9-4 in favor of NU. Coach Sherwin Meneses of Adamson called a time out at 11-4. The Lady Falcons barred Myla Pablo above the net, 11-6. But Dindin Santiago was determined to win.With a good connection from her setter, Rubie, she killed the Mikasa with a superb quick hit, 12-6. Angela Benting has the same thing in mind, with her powerful cross court attack and Pau Soriano’s middle hit, they came near, 13-8. Rubie was called for a double touch, 13-9. Crowd was cheering inside the arena. Dindin with her running spike got the first match point, 14-9. But Shiela Pineda said “not yet”and had her cross court hit, 14-10. Jennifer Macatuno, ADU’s setter, got an ace and a reception error from NU plus a bad set of Rubie the scored turned 14-12. National U called a time out and with the very quick hit from Dindin, the match ended at 15-12.

jen reyes 1_Svl

She was chosen “Player of the Game” with 27 points, with 5 blocks and 4 service aces.


Game 3 would be at 4 p.m. this Sunday at Philippine Sports Arena in Pasig City. The winning team will face the Lady Eagles of Ateneo De Manila University who outsmarted the Lady Tigresses of University of Sto.Tomas in 4 sets,
25-13, 23-25, 25-23, 25-13. These teams didn’t disappoint the crowd in a see-saw encounter in the biggest volleyball venue in the Philippines, the MOA Arena.

One of the best volleyball matches in Philippines volleyball I’ve ever seen was the Lady Bulldogs of National University against the Lady Falcons of Adamson University.


Yes, dear! Final 4! It will bring us the best-of-three game series for the Shakey’s V-League Season 10.


The Lady Falcons outsmarted the Lady Bulldogs in an epic 5-setter match at the Philippine Sports Arena last Tuesday, (3-2) – 22-25, 25-18, 25-19, 22-25, 15-13. That was the first loss of the Lady Bulldogs since the season has started this year.

After its premiere in the Final 4 of the UAAP Season 75, National University became a strong squad in Philippine volleyball. It continues to the Shakey’s V-League as it continues to win its matches.


The team defeated three squads, all of them are in 4 sets,  Lady Chiefs of Arellano University (3-1) 25-21, 25-19, 23-25, 25-20,

the Lady Falcons of Adamson University (3-1) 16-25, 25-14, 25-22, 25-15, and the Lady Warriors of University of San Carlos

(3-1) 23-25, 52-17,25-10,25-20.

The Lady Bulldogs of National University continued to be determined to cling in the Final 4 of the UAAP Season 75.

ImageThis is the premiere attendance of these girls in the FINAL 4. What a soaring performance from the host school! It can’t be denied that the LADY BULLDOGS are one of the underdogs in the UAAP.

NU Lady Bulldogs1

Until such time, Dindin Santiago arrived and lifted her team to climb in the ranking. With the most number of wins this season, (8-6),


National University supporters grew bigger and bigger. Imagine, this team is the second best blocking team behind the DLSU LADY SPIKERS.


Despite the terrific effort from the LADY TIGRESSES to be in the Final 4, it wasn’t good enough because of their unforced errors.

To watch the full match of this game, please click here. Enjoy watching volleyball! This is a collegiate volleyball! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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